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Apple: A new iPod touch revealed by iOS 12.2?

The latest beta ofiOS could well have revealed enormous information. A developer, who had in mind to dig into every nook and cranny of iOS 12.2, has indeed discovered the logo of what seems to be a iPod touch still unknown to the battalion. Right next to the 2015 iPod touch logo, here nicknamed HLSipod, is the pictogram ofHLSipod2, which this time presents a design that no one has ever seen.

The design of the device notably indicates the disappearance of the Home button, which seems to have given way to a larger screen, like a iPhone XS. But unlike this one, the apple notch also seems to have disappeared. In this case, either the borders are thick enough for the sensors True Depth are there, or there is no Face ID.

If this logo turns out to be true and representative of a new iPod touch, it would mean that the rumors pointing to the release this year of a new apple audio device were true. And above all, that the dream of a future iPhone without a notch could also come true. As a reminder, the design of theiPhone X had also been discovered with a similar error (?) from Apple. In addition, this mini-revelation echoes the 3D concept created by a designer a few weeks ago. If this new iPod was well in development, its design would prove the artist right…

3D concept ipod - Apple: A new iPod touch revealed by iOS 12.2?