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Apple: a mother outraged in this advertisement for the “bokeh” effect

Apple does not lack humor. The apple brand has just revealed an advertisement whose purpose is to highlight the “bokeh” effect ofiPhone XS, XS Max and XR. What? Don’t you know what the bokeh effect is? It’s simple, it’s the blur found in the background of the photos. With the latest apple phones released in late 2018, you can adjust this blur with the “depth control” function, which allows you to measure the bokeh effect and adjust it according to your photos.

bokeh apple - Apple: a mother indignant in this advertisement for the effect

In an advertisement created and broadcast by Apple on its channel Youtube, entitled “Boke’d”, we see a mother showing a photo of her son on her iPhone to her friend, another mother. The problem is that if his boy is in the foreground, and all in sharpness, the other child in the background is blurred. ” Wait, who’s in the background? Did you blur my child Then asks the friend. Because yes, she recognized her child, even blurred.

The accused mother then plays with the bokeh functionality to show that she can adjust the blur of her photo. The mother of the boy in the background then replied: What kind of person blurs a child? I would never blur your child! “, Indignant, to conclude, the friend. The “depth control” function is brand new for the iPhone. Who knows what new functionality will come with the next phones from the Cupertino company?