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Apple: 3 new Macs and a new iPad planned for 2018?


Posted: March 21 2018
Updated: March 21, 2018

by benjamin

This year 2018 should be loaded with news for Apple. The apple brand would initially prepare a new tablet. In addition, three new Mac embedding coprocessors from the manufacturer would also be on the program.

In the coming weeks, a new iPad could thus hit the market. Bloomberg reports that the device would use the A12X processor. The New York news agency is basing its speculation on the future iPhone of 2018. These phones are due to be presented in September and would use the next A12 processor. Thus, the manufacturer would not produce an A11X processor.

Among the other new products expected this year, rumors are counting on three Macs with “home” coprocessors. The first model would be a desktop Mac, so it could be the new Mac Pro or a new iMac. The other two computers are said to be portable models; a simple MacBook and a MacBook Pro according to information from Bloomberg.

The fact that the apple brand offers computers with coprocessors of its brand is not a first. Indeed, the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and the iMac Pro have already adopted this configuration. The first uses a T1 chip, while the second uses a T2.