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Apple: 2020 iPhones would all have OLED screens


Posted: February 4 2019
Updated: February 4, 2019

by David

According to information from Wall street journal, Apple could abandon them LED panels on all his iPhone from 2020. The successor toiPhone XR should have a screen again this year LCD, but from 2020, all new iPhones will move toOLED.

OLED screens are more expensive to manufacture than conventional LCD screens, but they have many advantages: finesse, consumption, contrasts, etc. Note that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are equipped with an OLED screen.

Rendering iPhone 2019 2 739x415 - Apple: the 2020 iPhone would all have OLED screens

The transition to OLED on all Apple smartphones in 2020 should allow more freedom in the appearance of the device, since the LCD display requires a backlit panel behind the screen, while the pixels of the OLED screen lights up individually from each other. The Cupertino company should therefore offer a new iPhone design in 2020.

In parallel, the American giant would develop its own screens MicroLED that will equip the Apple Watch and the iPhone. According to information Bloomberg, Apple would have its own mini-factory producing MicroLED screens, which would bring together 300 engineers working on the next screen technology. The Wall street journal also said there would be three iPhones in 2019, two OLED models and one model with an LCD display.