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Apple: 2016 MacBook Pro Not Recommended by Consumer Reports


Posted: December 27 2016
Updated: December 27, 2016

by benjamin

During the fall, Apple launched a new line of MacBook Pro. After several weeks of testing, the specialists at Consumer Reports have given their verdict. The new apple laptops ensure in terms of display quality and performance, but some problems have been noted in terms of battery life.

macbook pro 2016 touch bar - Apple: MacBook Pro 2016 advised against by Consumer Reports

MacBook Pro 2016: Consumer Reports review

The American monthly does not recommend Apple’s new computers. They are the first MacBooks to receive a negative review from the magazine. Complaints about the 2016 MacBook Pro battery appeared online shortly after their launch.

The Cupertino brand assured, however, an autonomy reaching 10 hours for its new computers. In Apple forums, many users complain that they can use their devices for only 3 to 4 hours before needing to charge them.

Apple without solution

Consumer Reports has sent a detailed report to the Cupertino company in the hopes that it can resolve the problem. For the time being, Apple has not released any official press release on the subject. The brand only encourages users to contact customer service. However, the publication of the American monthly is likely to lower sales of the MacBook Pro 2016.