Butterfly keyboard: a class-action authorized in the USA

Apple 1st and 3rd in the Fnac-Darty after-sales service barometer (Mac and iPhone)

darty ipa iphoneThe new 2019 study by Fnac-Darty, which is a kind of after-sales service barometer, has arrived. It allows you to know the most reliable brands in terms of electronic products. We will focus mainly on the classification of laptops and telephones. Refrigerators, washing machines and other vacuum cleaners seem less relevant to us here.

Conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive, this study shows that Apple retains excellent reliability on its products, despite the many hiccups of recent years like the fickle keyboard of Macbook Pro or the concerns of speakers on the iPhone 7.

macbook pro 2018 butterfly keyboard mugshot

Honor first on smartphones, Apple third

On the smartphone side, it's Honor who wins the first place. The Huawei sub-brand is followed by the parent company, then by Apple that completes the podium. A completely honorable position for the apple even if we see that cheaper products under Android fall less down among some competitors. Apple must therefore work on this point on its future iPhone XI, XI Max and XIR.

We also learn that the breakdown is the main reason for buying an iPhone (40%) and that the average duration of use of a smartphone is 3 years.

Another point, a third of the repairs made on smartphones by Fnac / Darty was carried out without part and 12% had to go through the box changed.

fnac darty 2019 apple reliability barometer

Apple first on laptops

In terms of laptops, Apple is at the top of the ranking with its Macs. The other two places are occupied by HP and Lenovo.

Apple keeps their head here, with the lowest outage rate for two years after purchase. We learn that on average the purchase of a laptop takes place every 6 years, twice the smartphones. In 42% of cases, a new laptop purchase is made following a breakdown. Logic.

Finally, note that the breakdowns are resolved in 60% of cases, without any change of part.

Are you happy with your Apple products? Does this ranking reflect "your" reality?

fnac darty 2019 apple 1 reliability barometer