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AppGallery: Huawei launches its application store on Windows 10

AppGallery comes out of smartphones. Huawei is launching its Windows 10 application store in China. This version offers software for computers and not for Android phones. Its offer covers office automation needs. The AppGallery for Windows 10 is currently only available in China.

huawei appgallery

TheAppGallery, all Huawei enthusiasts know it. And it makes sense: it’s the Chinese brand’s app store (and Honor’s so far). Since its eviction from the Google ecosystem, preventing it from preinstalling the Google Play bricks in its phones, the Asian firm has largely reworked its copy. And it is clear that, even if some essential applications are missing, the offer has been greatly expanded.

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While waiting to become a credible and solid alternative, Huawei continues to strengthen its ecosystem. Whether with accessories to accompany phones or with Windows computers. The objective: create a global experience. A bit like Apple with iPhones, AirPods and MacBooks. We have also widely discussed in our columns and on our YouTube channel the latest MateBooks, including the Matebook X, thanks to the tests we have done.

A PC AppGallery with PC Apps

To create a global experience, you need products, of course, but also applications and tools to move from one environment to another seamlessly. It is with this in mind that Huawei is launching the Windows 10 version of the AppGallery this week in China. Like the Mac AppStore on Apple computers, Windows 10 AppGallery is not used to manage smartphone applications, but well to enrich a computer with dedicated applications.

The tree structure has several tabs. The most important is undoubtedly ” Office automation »Where you find all the popular software for producing documents, communicating with colleagues and organizing remote meetings. Tencent, WPS, WeChat, the big Chinese publishers are there. You will also find an entertainment tab, a tab for customizing Windows 10 and another dedicated to computer-aided creation.

The store also offers editorial content to highlight certain categories or recommended applications. The Windows 10 AppGallery manages installation, update and uninstallation software, like the Mac AppStore whose design it borrows heavily. This shop is not today accessible only in China, but it is not impossible that it arrives in the West if the demand is felt. Finally, note that the AppGallery is also accessible via a browser. But this is the Android version.

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