App Store: votes, a new ranking factor for applications?

app store notes classement - App Store : les votes, nouveau facteur de classement des applications ?


Posted: Aug 25, 2013Updated: May 11, 2017

by Martin

The company specializing in marketing has just published an article evoking thatApple is currently testing new factors regarding the ranking of its applications in theApp store and its contents iTunes.

Indeed, it would seem that new algorithms are tested by the Cupertino company. This new classification would therefore take into account the votes users. It comes several months after the takeover by Apple from the company specialized in web research, Chomp.

According to the graph below, a significant variation was felt July 14th last, resulting in a better ranking of applications with high ratings (“high rating”):

app store ratings ranking - App Store: votes, a new ranking factor for applications?

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It is true that it is not uncommon to observe on the classification of theApp store (free and paid) of applications rising in the first 10 and having only a few ratings, often poor … Thus, games can be found below the top 100 with several thousand votes, but downloads down.

Hopefully this future ranking, still in the test state, will soon be final because more objective on the opinions of iDevices users …