Trivia Crack 2 - surprises App Store

App Store, here are the new surprises of today

From December 24 to 29, Apple decided to offer a series of surprises on the App Store to all of its users. Today’s surprises include the Trivia Crack 2 game and the Papumba app.

Trivia Crack 2 - App Store surprises

Trivia Crack 2 (App Store Link – Free) is the nice title that allows you to challenge friends and online players in a quiz that will involve you with many questions divided into 6 different categories: art, science, history, entertainment, sports and geography.

Today’s surprise allows you to purchase Expert, Maestro and Erudito packages with a significant discount of 70%. This is a great price reduction that will allow you to spend a holiday having fun with your children.

Papumba (Link App Store – Free) is an application for the little ones which offers more than 500 educational and fun activities. There are memory games, matching games, musical activities and much more.

Papumba - App Store surprises

With these surprises from the App Store, you can buy a three-month subscription only today, at a third of the usual price.

As always, we remind you that the offers listed above will not be available until today.