App Store Confidential

App Store Confidential, Apple sues Tom Sadowski, author of the book

Tom Sadowski’s book “App Store Confidential” is said to contain valuable trade secrets for Apple. That’s why the Californian glove decided to take the author to court.

App Store Confidential

Tom Sadowski is the former director of the German App Store and is therefore familiar with all of the practices Apple has adopted to manage the store. This relates in particular to approvals, refusals and all relations with third party developers. It is also for this reason that Apple immediately engaged in a legal battle to prevent the publication of the App Store Confidential.

The book, published by Murmann Verlag Hamburg, is a personal testimony of former manager Tom Sadowski, who worked at Apple until November 2019. The author denies the disclosure of trade secrets in his book.

Letter from Apple attorneys urges Sadowski and his publisher to stop selling the book, remove all circulating copies and destroy all manuscripts, claiming the author has violated the agreements and the contract signed with Apple .

The official description of the book is as follows:

In "App Store Confidential", Tom Sadowski, who was last in charge of application activity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, offers interesting information on the economics of applications. How does an application in the store succeed and can it achieve the application of the year? What to do and not to do when working with Apple? And how does it all work for the glove of Silicon Valley, around which myths and legends are based?

Tom Sadowski emerges from the shadows of the group and tells his story honestly and directly of Apple, his personal experiences in the applications sector and meetings with Apple CEO Tim Cook. “App Store Confidential” is an internal look behind the scenes of the company that has changed our lives forever with the iPhone, iPad, App Store and Co.

Now see what the author of the book decides to do and whether this case will go to court.