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App Store: arrival of pubs and subscriptions for games

App Store: arrival of pubs and subscriptions for games


Posted: June 9 2016
Updated: June 9, 2016

by benjamin

Apple is currently in the process of making major changes to its application download platform. In fact, two big novelties will soon land on theApp store. The first concerns the dissemination of advertisements in search results applications and the second announces the arrival of renewable subscriptions for games.

For developers and publishers, these changes are welcome. With ads, they will have the opportunity to highlight their applications in the App Store and therefore benefit from more visibility. In addition, there is access to another platform to facilitate campaign management and budget control. Of course, all this will pay off, but the developers will have at their disposal a powerful tool to launch their campaigns.

App Store applications - App Store: arrival of pubs and subscriptions for gamesIn addition, the new option for automatic renewal of subscriptions in all categories is also particularly attractive. With this feature, game developers will be able to offer more flexible prices and will see Apple?s commission drop after a year. Users will also be able to take advantage of it and benefit from more accessible prices.

These two important new features should bring more revenue to developers and improve the profitability of the App Store. Unfortunately for publishers (luckily for users!), They are only available on the US App Store for the moment.