App Store: Apple removes an application that advertises lockdown parties

Apple has just banned Vybe Together from the App Store. The iOS app encouraged users to participate in lockdown parties, clandestine parties where social distancing measures against Covid-19 are not respected. Vybe also broadcast numerous advertisements for his parties on social networks, especially on TikTok.

apple app store application lockdown parts

In most countries around the world, gatherings are limited or even banned in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus. In France, a curfew was thus decreed on December 15. Gatherings of more than six people are prohibited. In the event of an offense, the French risk a fine of 135 euros.

But despite the health risks, many people organize clandestine parties, often bringing together dozens of participants. These banned parties are promoted through private groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or through TikTok videos. In this context, Vybe Together, an application that lists secret parties organized in New York despite the epidemic, quickly became popular. It had a few thousand users before it was removed from the App Store.

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Vybe Together advised to focus on small parties

On their site or their application, the creators of Vybe Together encouraged Internet users to awaken the rebel in them and participate in illegal gatherings. To join an underground party, users first had to be approved by a team of moderators. To register, it was imperative to provide an Instagram nickname as well as a series of photos recorded in parties. The Internet user then received the address of a clandestine party. For security, the application communicated the address only 2 hours before opening.

In the FAQ posted on their website, the creators of Vybe Together recommended that users limit the number of people invited to the festivities. They admit that the Covid-19 is “a major health problem ” and advises to avoid large gatherings. Asked by our colleagues from The Verge, the designers of Vybe Together claim that Apple has just banned the application from its App Store. “Applications must comply with all legal requirements in all countries where you make them available” justifies Apple in the regulations of the App Store. In the aftermath of the ouster from the App Store, TikTok deleted the Vybe Together account after several reports.

Source: The Verge