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App Santa: apps and games promotions on Mac

App Santa: apps and games promotions on Mac

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneChristmas 2017 is likely to bring many promotions and free on the Mac App Store in its hood. And like every time in recent years, Operation Santa App takes shape during this period.

On the program, there are many applications and games in temporary promotions, the opportunity to take advantage of low prices for your Macs!

tap-forms-organizer-5-database ipa macTap Forms Organizer 5 Database (App, v5.2.4, 2.5 / 5, VF, 21 MB, MacOS 10.12, Tap Zapp Software Inc.) goes from € 49.99 to € 32.99.

Tap Forms 5 is the digital filing cabinet for all information in existence.

Accounts, receipts, expenses, inventory – life is full of things you don't want to forget or lose. Tap Forms 5 helps you organize all kinds of things in one place – secure, searchable, and accessible on your Mac (iOS + Apple Watch app sold separately).

Download Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database for € 32.99

tap-forms-organizer-5-database ipa mac

ipa mac deliveriesDeliveries (App, v3.0.7, 3/5, VF, 17 MB, MacOS 10.11, Junecloud LLC) goes from 5.49 € to 3.49 €.

Deliveries helps you to follow all your packages, so that you are always aware of their arrival date.

Whether it's the latest gadget that you pre-ordered online or the latest comic in which you are eager to immerse yourself, Deliveries will follow it so that you do not miss the moment when the door goes ring.

Download Deliveries for € 3.49

ipa mac deliveries

unclutter ipa macunclutter (App, v2.1.6, 4.5 / 5, VF, 4 MB, MacOS 10.10, Eugene Krupnov) goes from € 10.99 to € 5.49.

Unclutter creates a convenient place on your desktop to store notes, files and clipboard copies.

To open it, simply place the cursor at the top of the screen and scroll down the scroll wheel. Drag items there from other apps to keep them in Unclutter.

With a simple gesture, you can very easily benefit from the advantages of Unclutter. In fact, these are 3 tools in 1 for renewed comfort and efficiency on your Mac.


– Instant and configurable access even in full screen mode
– File storage, so as not to clutter your desktop with temporary files
– Notes, to quickly write what is on your mind
– Clipboard manager for cons …Update : – Added: Unclutter now speaks fluently in Spanish!
– Added: drag text fragment into Unclutter Files to create a text snippet file.
– Fixed: you can now drag files from Dock folders into Unclutter.
– Fixed: Clipboard panel now works correctly with text-auto-replacing utilities (TextExpander, etc.).
– Improved macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) compatibility.
– Many other fixes to get better performance and reliability.

Download Unclutter at 5.49 €

unclutter ipa mac

screens-4 ipa macScreens 4 (App, v4.3.6, VF, 15 MB, MacOS 10.11, Edovia Inc.) goes from € 31.99 to € 21.99.

Access your computers wherever you are!

Work on this spreadsheet that you left at home, perform software updates on your server thousands of miles away, help your father configure his computer in your home.

Screens connects to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC, or Raspberry Pi. Connect from the comfort of your living room, the local coffee shop or anywhere in the world.

Download Screens 4 for € 21.99

screens-4 ipa mac

paste ipa macPaste (App, v2.2.5, 4/5, VF, 13 MB, MacOS 10.11, Dmitry Obukhov) goes from € 10.99 to € 5.49.

The Paste application is a new way to copy / paste text on your Mac: to be sure to keep all your information, the application keeps in memory all the texts that you copy.

Texts, images, links, files … The application recognizes many types of content to avoid clumsiness.

Download Paste at 5.49 €

paste ipa mac

twitterrific-5-for-twitter ipa macTwitterrific 5 for Twitter (App, v5.2.2, VO, 8 MB, MacOS 10.11, The Iconfactory) goes from € 20.99 to € 10.99.

Twitterrific is one of the best clients to access Twitter with new features, even if there have been few updates for this application in recent years.

In addition, the client allows you to discover a simple interface, find the highlights of the day regarding your account, customize the colors and many more …

Download Twitterrific 5 for Twitter for € 10.99

twitterrific-5-for-twitter ipa mac

focused ipa macFocused (App, v3.1, VO, 31 MB, MacOS 10.11, Codebots Ltd) goes from € 20.99 to € 6.99.

Discover the Focused app, allowing you to focus on writing, thus blocking distractions and facilitating concentration on your task.

For them, the typewriter is the best way to write, that's why they developed the application in this direction.

Download Focused for € 6.99

focused ipa mac

chronicle-bill-manager ipa macChronicle – Bill Manager (App, v8.0, VO, 21 MB, MacOS 10.10, LittleFin LLC) goes from € 10.99 to € 2.29.

Do you need to manage invoices in your professional or everyday life? Discover the Chronicle application, allowing the management of these directly on your iOS device.

Chronicle will remind you to pay your invoices to avoid late fees and will also keep a complete history of your transactions and proofs of payment.

Download Chronicle – Bill Manager for € 2.29

chronicle-bill-manager ipa mac