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APKPure is a very easy to use and interesting alternative for downloading Android applications. We may regret the catalog a little less supplied than with some competitors and a slightly dated interface.

APKPure is today a website well known to some owners of Android devices. However, without access to the Google Play Store, it allows you to download applications from its website or from a mobile app. We find everything there: games, messaging applications, utilities … What is this alternative store worth compared to its competitors?

APKPure: a free store with paid content displayed from Google Play

If downloading APK files (which are Android application files to install on your device) is free, APKPure still displays some paid apps. However for this part, the alternative store simply takes care of listing the applications on sale on the Google Play Store and when an offer interests you: you will be returned to the Play Store. Clearly: impossible to buy a paid app for the hour on APKPure, which explains the links to Google Play services.

How to download apps on APKPure?

First of all, be aware that APKPure allows you to download APK files from your computer if you wish. Another possible solution: from the browser of your Android device or from the store to download (previously on their website). This last option seems to us the simplest and it is the one that we recommend to you. You can then enjoy an optimal experience on mobile.

A rather classic blind

If we look at the functionality side ofAPKPure : nothing special. The features are fairly standard. However, it should be noted that, like Aptoide, the service is faced with a major problem: possible malicious applications. Therefore, the team behind the store ensures that each application is checked before its availability to avoid any malware on your device. That said, it is impossible to verify this information for all available applications.

On the side of social features: we find what competitors already offer with the possibility of leaving comments, assigning a rating … Finally, it’s a good thing because it’s essential to check if what we getting ready to download is what you want and there is no danger. Note, however, that few users are active and therefore the opinions are still too few.

A way to go beyond geographic boundaries for applications

The main advantage ofAPKPure (and the team also highlights it on its site), it is above all the possibility of downloading applications from all over the world. We know that some applications are sometimes only available for a few regions due to certain limitations. Here do not panic: no restrictions like this can be the case on the Play Store. At the same time, it should be noted that the APKPure mobile store in the form of an application is also available in many languages, proving a desire to be available everywhere on the planet.

Finally, this blind is not the most complete we know or even the most interesting. There will nevertheless remain a free alternative to keep under the elbow. Note however that the system for verifying the reliability of applications within APKPure seems rather serious, which makes it a big positive point.