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APK Mirror

APK Mirror is a site where you can download many Android apps for free without using the Google Play Store. However, the fact of not having an application ultimately makes it difficult to use for its users, especially since the site contains too many advertisements.

On Android, there are many alternative stores. They allow in particular to download applications without going through Google services. Some sites have become references for several years and this is particularly the case ofAPK Mirror that we will present to you today.

APK Mirror: a site without a mobile app

It is precisely the biggest black point ofAPK Mirror. If the site indeed allows to download Android applications in APK format, unfortunately, no application is available. Whether on your computer or on your mobile, it will inevitably have to go through your web browser and it is very disappointing because ultimately less practical.

The community at the service of the catalog

Another important point to note with APK Mirror : it is the community which offers the files of the applications for download. Everyone can easily upload APK files from their computer or phone. Then, the site will process them in order to add them to the application form. This allows for the same application in the same version to have multiple files. If one does not work, you can download the other version. Note that a check is also carried out to avoid any malware within the applications.

Free apps only

If on some competing stores it can be a little confusing to find applications in theory paying, this time for free: here it is nothing. APK Mirror just includes all the free apps that you can usually find on the Google Play Store. APK Mirror is also a means of obtaining certain applications in beta or alpha version, thus making it possible to take advantage of certain possible functionalities in advance. Beyond that, if you have access to the Play Store, it is ultimately of little use to go through the site.

Very limited functionality

In terms of functionality, you will just have to be content with the essentials. On the program: a search function by application name or by the name of the developer. Nothing more. If then there are many information sheets for each application, this is very limited. Ditto, it is in theory possible to leave comments below each APK file but in fact, we rarely see users venture there.

Note however that in terms of functionality: APK Mirror stands out from its competitors by leaving all versions of mobile applications, even the oldest, available for download. This can be useful to go back in particular in the event of a possible bug encountered following an update of an application.

Hosting applications represents a certain cost, especially when the site is then widely used. If we can understand the need for funding, APK Mirror still remains very greedy on the side of advertising, which makes on mobile in particular, the website quite painful to use. The interface is already not very intuitive, it does not help the user to navigate.