Anti-piracy law: 1000 sanctions per day, to start

Hadopi: no double punishment for pirates

Image 1: Anti-piracy law: 1000 sanctions per day, to start

Christine Albanel, French Minister of Culture, presented her Creation and Internet bill yesterday afternoon before the Law Commission.

Storming out

The Minister recalled that this bill was not intended to eradicate piracy in France, but to bring it down significantly. Let those who download illegally take it for granted. Christine Albanel reaffirmed that the graduated response will be established in three phases. Initially, it should generate 10,000 injunction emails, 3,000 registered letters and 1,000 Internet connection suspensions per day. As a reminder, each of these figures represents a step in the graduated response applied by HADOPI.

Heavy sentences and remission of sentences

Image 2: Anti-piracy law: 1000 sanctions per day, to startThe minister went on to sweep aside the remarks about businesses. Thus, during the last step of the graduated response, the company will be obliged to equip itself with firewalls and other anti-piracy software. The individual will have several choices. The suspension of the contract with the ISP can range from 1 to 12 months without being able to either take out a subscription from a competitor. If the individual fully acknowledges his fault, he can sign an agreement not to start again. His “sentence” will then be commuted from 1 to 3 months. If he does not consider himself responsible, he may have recourse to justice and appeal the decision of HADOPI.

Develop more to hack less

Christine Albanel also mentioned free Wi-Fi hotspots. On this subject, she mentioned a possible limitation of Internet access from these points. Still with the aim of limiting piracy, the Minister of Culture would like to see films released sooner on VOD and DVD. From 6 and 7 months now, going to 4 months would be a step forward, according to the minister. She added that this should be done without killing the success of a film in the cinema, taking the example of “Ch’tis” and Titanic. Based on American results, Christine Albanel hopes that the Creation and Internet bill will have the same impact on the French. In the United States, piracy has decreased by up to 90% in some universities. If the atmosphere that reigned yesterday afternoon is to be believed, not all members of the House agree with the Minister.