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Anti noise earphone, iPhone, adapter: what equipment for traveling?

Do you tend to travel regularly, or perhaps do you plan to increase the pace of your trips? Either way, you’re still wondering ” but what should I bring for my stay, will everything fit in my suitcase? ” The generation travel site draws up good plans and travel guides on this subject to help you prepare well.

It is therefore important that you are properly equipped when traveling. Apple smartphone, anti-noise earpiece (or AirPods!), Bottle opener, raincoat … Here is the list of accessories and essential items to keep everything going in the best conditions!

iphone voyage 1024x538 - Anti noise earphone, iPhone, adapter: what equipment for traveling?

Your iPhone and its charger

It’s a fact, smartphones have become essential. This is all the more so for travelers, since it allows them to locate themselves on a map, find their destinations and follow the right directions without risking getting lost. Do not forget the charger so as not to end up without a battery!

A noise canceling headphone model

The noise canceling headset is a small accessory that you don’t think much about, but which remains essential as soon as you start to survey the roads. In transport, the noise-canceling earpiece avoids the surrounding nuisance. We also use this type of device when you want to sleep without being disturbed by possible roommates, while letting yourself be lulled by the sound of background music.

The operating principle of an anti-noise earphone is simple, since it distinguishes useful sounds from ambient noise by eliminating it.

A bottle opener

Indispensable for globetrotters in order to unclog wines or to open the beers between two travel sessions. The bottle opener is part of the friendly dimension of road trips, and there is not a day that goes by without being needed.

A Swiss knife

Far from being useless, the Swiss knife can be used as scissors, knife, nail file … Its usefulness is well established and it can help in many cases. You will be happy to find it among your belongings when you need it.

An electrical outlet adapter

If you change your country, you may not be able to charge your electronic devices if you do not have a proper adapter. It is therefore also an essential part of the traveler’s panoply!

Sports underwear and swimwear

For walkers, joggers and swimmers. Athletes cannot ignore these accessories which are necessary in order to practice their favorite discipline while on the move.

Survival blanket

Some nights can be harsh in some parts of the world. If you plan to camp or sleep under the stars, the survival blanket will help you cope with the temperatures.


Traveling is not synonymous with carelessness. So having soap in your bag is always useful for washing up when you wake up or before going to bed. Think before you go!

A raincoat

Because travelers are often outdoors and because no one can accurately forecast the weather, it is important to have a raincoat always available. A good way not to get drenched in the monsoon when we expected to spend the day in the sun!