Anti-cop revenge site scandalizes police and prison administration

Anti-cop revenge site scandalizes police and prison administration

The Ministry of the Interior and the prison administration are on alert: a site called "Vengeance" is currently presented as a directory of photographs of agents of the two administrations (law enforcement and prison guards) stationed in the Rennes region.

National Police The problem: some photos are also focused on the spouses, family, relatives and children of representatives of the order, as well as their complete identities, dates of birth and personal addresses.

Information that would not have been the subject of any hacking, or even organized surveillance. These would be elements collected directly on social networks and Facebook pages.

It is a group close to the far left movement which is at the origin of the creation of the site, already at the origin of a copy of the denunciation network "anti police blunders" Copwatch who had tried its luck in France in 2011 with the publication of photos of 450 officials from Ile de France and the North.

Here, it is no longer a question of denouncing the misconduct of law enforcement officials, but of putting pressure on them by exposing them and their families to acts of revenge. Children are not spared from the site, since they also find their first names and their age there.

Police Revenge Site "It is intolerable and the term of revenge used by those who engage in such excesses lets fear the worst for these families of agents exposed to the vindictiveness of any madman!" regrets Nicolas Compte, deputy secretary general of the police union Unit-SGP-Police.

The Directorate General of the National Police and the Chancellery of Paris were seized by the unions. The Rennes Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation for "fraudulent access to an automated data processing system" and " threat", the investigation was entrusted to OCLICTIC.

The unions call for the emergency closure of the site, but Nicolas Comte remains pessimistic: "The site is still accessible, despite the referral to the magistrates, and it is a safe bet that the legal problems which will arise will complicate the action of the French authorities." Indymedia's blogs are hosted abroad in countries which are precisely against any form of judicial cooperation.