Anti-5G deprives 1.5 million French people of television and radio

Anti-5G people set fire to a TDF transmitter and an Orange mobile antenna near Limoges. De facto, 1.5 million French people found themselves deprived of television and radio for several days. The collective behind the fire quickly claimed responsibility for the attack in a letter to a local newspaper.

5G antenna tower
Credit: Chan Lin via Unsplash

This Monday, January 11, 2021, an anti-5G small group attacked a TDF transmitter located in Cars, near Limoges, report our colleagues from Figaro. In the process, the collective set fire to two antennas in the vicinity, including a mobile antenna deployed by Orange. Ironically, these sites were not used for 5G networks.

The fire immediately private 1.5 million inhabitants of radio and television via TNT. Orange telecommunications services also encountered disruptions in several departments. About a hundred firefighters were quickly dispatched to the site to control the flames. The infrastructure manager of TDF sites promises a return to normal within a few days for all injured residents.

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An anti-5G collective claims the fire

Hours after the fire, a local newspaper called the Populaire du Center received a letter claiming responsibility for the attack. The operation, dubbed “Voices of the wind and songs of birds”, was obviously sponsored by a collective firmly opposed to the deployment of 5G, the Committee for the Abolition of 5G and Its World (CLA5GSM). Small groups of this ilk have multiplied in recent months against a backdrop of fake news related to Covid-19.

The collective explains that it exists “For a very long time, maybe forever, the movements that we have founded over the centuries have had different names and different leaders, but all of them were in one way or another part of our war on 5G”.

“The danger is at our door despite our great age and our knowledge of certain secrets, we are not powerful, we are only a handful, chased, terrified, but we will win despite our weakness” advances the conspiratorial diatribe, before concluding: “The iPhone will never rejoice humanity”.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In recent months, many antennas are targeted by anti-5G activists. Last May, two men were arrested for destroying a 5G antenna with a Molotov cocktail in the Jura. Soon after, a gang of conspirators attacked a 5G antenna near Nice. Across Europe, extremist militants seek to destroy the antennas intended for the deployment of 5G. Fed with false information spread on social networks, they accuse 5G in particular of spreading the coronavirus.

Source: Le Figaro