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Antennagate: Apple will not have to reimburse much …

Antennagate: Apple will not have to reimburse much ...

Apple has found an "amicable agreement" with owners of iPhone 4 who had launched a "class action" (class action) following problems encountered with the quality of reception of the network of their device (Antennagate). This agreement accepted by these people means that they can receive a bumper or $ 15. A choice.

Remember the Antennagate affair that rocked Apple in 2010. When the iPhone 4 was released, many people were quick to take exception to the fact that their new device tended to hang up on the network easily. Analysts had been able to demonstrate, at first, that the calculation linked to the display of the number of reception bars was not entirely correct (this was corrected by an iOS update). New tests could later show that when a certain area of ​​the device was pressed, the device tended to lose signal.

Faced with the controversy, Apple had quickly convened a press conference at the time and had explained that "the problem was not really one because it affected most mobiles". However, Apple had decided to offer a free Bumper case to customers who wanted to avoid this little boredom at all costs. A communication operation that was well carried out, which had the effect of gradually clearing up the file and which made it possible to preserve the image of the iPhone without much difficulty, which continued to sell millions of copies thereafter.

A communication operation that did not convince everyone, however. This is particularly the case for a group of dissatisfied customers who decided to take the case to court. An attempt that will not lead to a great result if we believe the site The Loop. Indeed, the latter reports today that Apple would have finally found “an amicable arrangement” with a small number of customers who had not wanted to take advantage of a free bumper in 2010. The agreement found between the two The fact that these people will finally be able to benefit from this same bumper or $ 15. A choice.

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(Source: The Loop )