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Another patent: AirPods waterproof case with an Apple Watch charger?

Another patent: AirPods waterproof case with an Apple Watch charger?

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airpods apple iphone ipadWe mentioned in a previous article, Apple's wireless headphones may soon be entitled to a second generation certified IP67 or 68, enough to make them waterproof. However, we learned this morning about the existence of a new case ensuring this time the induction charging for an Apple Watch … or another, if you know what I mean!

Apple files quantities of patents and this very regularly, some are sometimes strange but sometimes we can thanks to them deduce some clues about future products of the apple.

For example, this new box of AirPods "waterproof" is talking about it again because not only, it could mean that the next AirPods would be water resistant but even more interesting, the box would then be able to transform into an induction charger for the Apple Watch, which is currently the only one to embed this techno.

We can also therefore easily think that this case could also charge future products with induction charging from the giant of Cupertino, we are talking about iPhone 8 but we had not yet seen a patent embedding a waterproof induction case.

40566 a patent for a waterproof airpods box capable of charging the apple watch and the iphone

The future of the apple would it be in induction?
And you then, what is your opinion on induction? Do not hesitate to express yourself in comment.