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Anker unveils a USB-C to Lightning cable cut for fast charging

Do you have an iPhone charger? ” In open space, in class or elsewhere, we have all heard this sentence. And for good reason: unlike phone manufacturers Android, Apple remains the only manufacturer to offer a connector Lightning on his smartphones.

But with the revolution of fast charging and USB-C, the apple maker had to adapt. By imposing it on its Macbook, first. Then by offering on its official website an official “USB-C to Lightning cable” at 25 €. But within the next few days, “technology” will no longer be exclusive to Apple.

anker cable iphone - Anker unveils a USB-C to Lightning cable cut for fast charging

The brand Anker, recognized in the world of charging, will launch its PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning in February. So far only announced in the United States, the cable will cost $ 15.99. Amazon, the firm’s distribution channel, is expected to offer a French price and release date in the coming days.

Cheaper than the official cable and just as reliable, the PowerLine II, certified by Apple, will allow rapid charging. But with the rumors announcing the replacement of the Lightning by a USB-C port on the next iPhone (choice already made on the iPad Pro), the Anker cable could very quickly disappear from the market…