Angry Birds Seasons updates for Halloween

Angry Birds Seasons updates for Halloween

After 400 million downloads for his must-have Angry Birds, Rovio has updated his addictive game Angry Birds Seasons, the opportunity of the arrival of Halloween. The company also hinted that a film project was underway.

On the occasion of Halloween, Rovio updated its Angry Birds Seasons game last Friday. This new version names “HamOWeen” (little pun with ham which translates to ham in English) brings 30 levels, on the theme of – you guessed it – … Halloween!

Another new feature is the appearance of a new orange-colored bird on the fourth level of the new expansion. If its name has not yet been revealed, the new bird has the power to swell to saturation and then explode after a few seconds, sweeping away everything in its path.

With the arrival of this new expansion, Rovio has now implemented a new intermediary in-game menu that allows the user to select the release year of the season.

In addition, it has now been a year since Angry Birds Seasons has existed: during each holiday, Rovio offers a new extension (we find for now, and in their order of publication: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter , summer vacation, and moon festival).

Finally, Rovio recently confirmed the upcoming release of a film dedicated to Angry Birds! David Maisel, the producer of Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, would have already been contacted in June to embark on the project.

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