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Angry Birds 22.15

A second successful episode with the integration of clans, multiplayer tournaments and a very good level progression system for each bird. An addictive game, with neat and quality graphics and very quick to learn. In short, a great success!

A rich and always crazy second episode

0140000008737614-photo-angry-birds-2.jpgA first episode with worldwide success, a Star Wars sequel, an animated series and then a film, it took little to see the second episode arrive.angry Birds. The angry birds put the cover back but for this opus, they invite you to join friends to found clans, face other players from around the world and make your birds win the stripe.

Indeed, Angry Birds 2 allows each bird of his team to progress in level via a feather system to be won throughout the levels and during online confrontations.

A host of levels and new features

As in the first episode, the goal is to destroy the pig camps and towers by projecting the different birds by taking advantage of their specificities and new elements of the terrain with new plants and other dangers.0258000008737622-photo-angry-birds-2.jpg

The game also brings awesome new spells like blizzards, red peppers and other golden ducks, all devastating! New pig bosses are appearing, it will be necessary to analyze the behavior of the Chef Pig or the Mustached Pig to come to grips with the slingshot.

When the world becomes an arena

Angry Birds 2 also gives pride of place to multiplayer with the possibility of creating clans and taking part in new daily tournaments against players from all over the world. It will be necessary to be a fine strategist to advance each bird available.