Angry Birds: 200 million minutes passed each day ...

Angry Birds: 200 million minutes passed each day …

The success does not seem to fade from the side of the famous game Angry Birds. Two months after the announcement of the milestone of 50 million downloads, the publisher of the game dedicated to the famous angry birds, Rovio, returns to us with figures that have me deserve to surprise. In fact, according to Peter Vesterbacka, founder at Rovio, the total number of people who have downloaded the application spend around no less than 200 million minutes every day – 1.4 billion minutes per week – play the famous game that first arrived on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Peter Vesterbacka believes that this number is relatively normal compared to other successful video games available on PCs and consoles but it is clear that this time spent on a video game dedicated to a mobile platform is nevertheless incredible in a market that has also existed since not much time.

As a reminder, a new part of the Angry Birds saga is expected in early March. This time, the birds will chase from the Rio side.

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