Androidbook: a laptop with Android in 2013?

Androidbook: a laptop with Android in 2013?

Image 1: Androidbook: a laptop with Android in 2013?The Chromebook Pixel

Digitimes reports that Google would be working on a laptop computer Android. This Androidbook would be released at the end of the third or in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Digitimes. Of course, this is still only a rumor that must be handled with the regard due to his condition.

Note that it would be foreign that the firm of Mountain view launches into this segment even though it already has a series of Chromebooks running Chrome OS, an operating system more suitable for laptops than Android.

If Google has reaffirmed that Android and Chrome respect two parallel developments, it still replaced the father of Android, Andy Rubin, by Sundar Pichai, who was vice president of the Chrome division. A transfer of power that strongly resembles a rapprochement.

As our colleagues at Tom’s Hardware explain, Chrome OS is very independent of an Internet connection. Android, meanwhile, has more offline functionality through its application store. TheAndroidbook might therefore have some legitimacy. Especially since Google wishing to spread its advertising as much as possible, it may well want to multiply the devices to cover all the requirements of consumers.