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Android: what are the hidden functions of Google’s OS?

Android is full of possibilities and many options are not immediately accessible or are at least well hidden, here is how to find them.

Discover hidden features of Android that you never suspected and that will save you time.

How do I change the quick settings icons?

In the menu at the top of the screen, if you are not using all the settings, you can choose which ones to show or hide by pressing the pencil.

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Image 1: Android: what are the hidden functions of the Google OS?

How to enlarge the text?

The screen definition makes it possible to display elements very distinctly and the texts can sometimes become too small. From Android 7 and in the View menu, it is now possible to choose the font size.

How to activate light notifications?

You are waiting for an important message, but sometimes you do not hear your phone vibrate or ring, rather than turning your smartphone back on every minute, choose the light notification from the Notification and status bat menu, activate Lighting of the screen during notification, a bright flash will catch your eye.

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How to display the remaining percentage of battery?

The battery is sometimes a source of anxiety. A percentage being more meaningful than a gauge, from the Battery menu, activate the Percentage of battery remaining.

How to access the integrated file manager?

Android has its own file manager, you can find it from the Memory & Storage menu on your phone. (Note: some manufacturers remove it, however)

How to accelerate animations and transitions?

From the Option menu for developers on your phone, find the lines Animation duration scale and Transition animation scale. Lower the thresholds to 0.5 to speed up the animations or if simplicity doesn’t scare you, choose No entertainment.

How do I block all notifications from an app?

Some apps use and abuse the notification system. To silence them, nothing easier, hold your finger on the notification, a menu then appears offering you to Block everything from this app.

Image 2: Android: what are the hidden functions of the Google OS?

How to display the birthdays of your contacts?

Finally, if you display your calendar on the home screen of your smartphone, go to the Google Calendar menu and activate the birthdays of your contacts.

Image 3: Android: what are the hidden functions of Google's OS?

These will appear directly on your calendar:

Image 4: Android: what are the hidden functions of the Google OS?