Android Wear is fun and for everyone!

Android Wear is fun and for everyone!


Through an advertisement, Google is promoting the merits of its Android Wear system, which allows everyone to find the connected watch that suits them.

While Apple must launch its connected watch on April 24, a Watch model with an entry ticket at 399 euros, Google is currently trying to pull the cover towards it and its partners, including Huawei. The Mountain View giant has just put online an advertisement for smartwatches based on its Android Wear environment, derived from Android and adapted to connected objects.

The message throughout the one-minute video is pretty clear: Android Wear is fun and for everyone. The slogan "Be together, not the same" displayed at the end supports this idea that you can be part of the same user community while having your own personality. An aspect that Huawei would like to develop, thanks to more customization. The Chinese manufacturer indeed deplores the lack of differentiation.

Still on Android Wear, remember that an update is planned soon. This will allow direct Wi-Fi connections, without transition through the smartphone.