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Android user for six months, he returns to the iPhone …

Android user for six months, he returns to the iPhone ...

Kristian Naydenov, a student in sixth grade at Martin 5 Lyce in Louvain-la-Neuve, spends the day writing Belgium-iPhone as part of an internship. An early user of the iPhone (his first model was the iPhone Edge), he has been on Android for six months out of a desire to test "something else". He nevertheless intends to iron the iPhone and he explains the reasons.

Kristian Naydenov Editing Belgium-iPhone | Bruno D'Alimonte – Le Soir

Fascinated by the Apple world and the high tech universe in general, Kristian Naydenov contacted us a few months ago to do an internship as part of his studies in writing Belgium-iPhone. As soon as he arrived this Tuesday morning, we noticed that our new intern was not using an iPhone but a… HTC Desire HD. A device that did not fail to arouse our amazement since Kristian had contacted us … through the forum Belgium-iPhone of which he is a member.

In fact, this change dates back several months already for lycen . “For my return to school, I wanted to discover what the competition offered. I had the opportunity via the BiP forum to acquire a HTC Desire HD instead of my iPhone 4. ”, he explains. A change that did not happen as easily as expected. “After three years on iPhone, the first days were difficult. Although OS has a simpler access interface, I ended up hooking Android after a week ”, he continues.

His Android smartphone more powerful but not as user-friendly as the iPhone.

The characteristics of its new smartphone were however far superior to those of an iPhone. “The first thing that struck me directly was the size of the screen. Indeed this one is 4.2 inches. This is the only reason why I keep my smartphone now. Web browsing was a pure treat, writing messages with great ease. ” Better to know it. “Responsiveness and fluidity don't envy Apple. To operate Android thoroughly, a standard hack is necessary. It is really not designed for novices. In addition, the iPhone and iOS outweigh various other points. Its browser, its more powerful battery, the more complete and more reliable App Store and Safari remains indeterminable. Although the latter is not compatible with Flash, it remains the most pleasant to use."

Back on the iPhone dj programm.

In the end, the iPhone remains the most suitable product for our young intern. “As long as I have Macs at home, the Californian smartphone is, I think, the most suitable. The synchronization of personal data is much easier, the pre-installed programs are sufficient for this task. For all these reasons, I think that all that I had to see is seen and that my return under the apple will be soon. ”

We discuss it on the forum.