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Android, the long-awaited Google Phone!

Android, the long-awaited Google Phone!

Once is not custom here is a news concerning the “competition"(Android has not yet been released, you cannot call it a competition at the moment).

Indeed Google presents a few days ago Android.

Everyone predicted a new mobile on the market, produced and made by Google. Well no, ultimately it will be a Low right free OS on Linux which can be installed in some certified telephones.

The American glove, alli with various manufacturers like Motorola (former Apple partner), HTC, LG Electronics, or Samsung to launch soon new phones laptops running Android.

New mobile phones that support Android will not be available that towards the mid 2008, which will give Google time to finalize its work. With this delay the search engine will have put three years realize her new baby.

Android is low on the many homemade products. We can see some similarities, and maybe some future developments, with the iPhone. Sms in the form of a chat, google maps (but a little more), the possibility of working on the phone with a touch screen, etc.

Another very interesting thing is the development kit set up by Google. And this kit is available now! (Link below) Whether you are on mac, pc or linux you can now and already view the interface and why not, start developing 😉

Microsoft, which was for the moment one of the only ones to offer an Os for phone or PDA that it does not didn't care, that it was for him a simple paper announcement! Google simply wanted to prove thatAndroid does work by offering a video on YouTube.

And here is just for you, this video: Click here!

For the development kit: It's here

Link to Android site: Click here!

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