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Android Q: gestures similar to iOS and equivalent to 3D Touch


Posted: April 9, 2019
Updated: April 7, 2019

by Steve

Definitely, Apple is second to none. So much so that its main competitors have only two solutions to match it: attack it in court, as Spotify or Qualcomm, or copy it, like Huawei and… Google. Google is so inspired by iOS that many users of Android phones complain about the “iOSification” of the most used operating system in the world. And with the new version of Android, Android Q, this is not about to change.

3D Touch iPhone - Android Q: gestures similar to iOS and equivalent to 3D Touch

In beta 2 of its next mobile operating system, the web giant indeed offers gestures very, very, very similar to what is currently done on iPhone from iPhone X. For example, to go from one application to another without using the button associated with multitasking, just swipe the screen from right to left. We certainly still find a navigation bar at the bottom, which does not appear on iPhone.

Another point that can appear as a big inspiration: the 3D Touch. Not the official one, but the ersatz à la Google. However, it seems to be working very well. The system first appeared on the iPhone 6S five years ago. Android Q now presents similar software called “deep presses”. By pressing hard on an icon, users will be entitled to a shortcut pane. However, this function will only be offered to Android phones with a certain component. None of them have it yet.