Android Lollipop is a little more stable than iOS 8

Platforms Android and iOS have undergone several cycles of evolution in recent years and gained in maturity and stability. Thanks to a welcome process in standardized download portals and care given to APIs, application crashes are becoming rarer.

Lollipop On the latest versions, application crash rates have fallen below 3% and according to the company Crittercism, application performance analysis service provider, the crash rate is changing in favor of android on the latest platform developments.

So the crash rate of Android Lollipop would be 2% when that of iOS 8 would reach 2.2%. In addition, Apple's mobile platform would remain a little more sensitive to application crashes than the previous version iOS 7, the rate of which is 1.9%.

It must however be recognized that iOS 8 introduces many new services (health, home automation …) whose current feedback will be used for stabilization and enhanced optimization with iOS 9.

For its part, Android Lolliop has been full of new features including one in particular concerning applications: the transition from the Java Dalvik engine to a ART environment. The site notes that the crash rate for Android Kitkat and Android Ice Cream Sandwich is 2.6%.

We can always wonder about the relevance of a comparison with regard to the deployments of the two platforms, which concerns nearly 70% of iOS devices for iOS 8, while Android Lollipop is present in less than 2% of Android systems, and mainly recent Nexus devices with solid configurations.