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Android / iOS: how to watch your favorite TV programs on your smartphone for free?

Access any replay without slowing down your phone.

Whether to follow the last episode of its series, watch a talk show or stay informed, each TV channel will tend to offer you to install its own mobile application. This can quickly become restrictive and exceed your mobile storage capacity. Without having to install twenty applications, the best compromise is to download the Molotov application.

Molotov series movies streaming replay the ideal application for watching TV everywhere

Molotov is an application which allows you both to watch a live channel but also to record certain programs so that you can watch them later. Once the application is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to create an account. Or log in using your Google or Facebook account.

Once the connection or registration phase is complete, Molotov will offer you a little impromptu (not to say cavalier…) to benefit from a month of free trial of Molotov Plus. And on the next screen, you will even be asked to enter your credit card number.

molotov plus payment

Do nothing and press the back arrow on your smartphone to return to the channel selection screen.

watch live broadcast

From this screen, you can choose to watch the channels live or to watch shows or series in replay. By clicking on the icon of a channel, you will arrive on the page of this one, simply press on the yellow icon to start reading.

replay emission

If you want to record a program to watch it later, the button Record on this same page will allow you to do so. Please note, this function is only available by subscribing to the Molotov Plus subscription. Billed at € 3.99 per month, it includes cloud recording, access anywhere in Europe and 4 simultaneous HD screens. Note also that not all channels allow the recording of programs. For legal reasons but also to better get us to watch their advertisements. In this case, you can also try to recover a replay show with Captvty.

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