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Android for beginners: remove application shortcuts

Today in our section "Android for beginners", we will address a problem that is very simple to solve but boring when we do not know how to do it. How to remove the automatic shortcuts of applications that come to represent your home screens each download.

Reminder: this article is for our readers who start with Android. If you are a more expressive user, it is unlikely that you will learn anything with this article /

Whenever you download an application from the Google Play Store, here's what happens: the application joins the others in the applications drawer (if you have one), it can be found in the "Applications" tab. your "Settings", and it lands on one of your main screens as an application shortcut. As you have placed a nice screen and beautiful widgets on it, you may not necessarily want to see applications in this area. Rest assured, you can delete them!

The short-term method: delete the icon

If you do not want an application shortcut, the easiest method is to hold your finger on the application until your smartphone displays the "Delete" option at the top. So you just have to pull your shortcut and lick it up, behind the button, to delete it. A quick but a little nerve-long way if you install a lot of applications.

androidpit android beginners delete shortcut
Make a long press on the icon and let yourself be guided. AndroidPIT

The long-term method: prevent adding the icon to the home screen

To prevent each new application from turning into a shortcut on your home screen, there is a fast and long-term method. Open your Google Play Store and click on the vertical lines at the top left to display the menu, then enter the settings. You will find there the option "Add the icon the home screen", it remains only to deactivate it.

settings play store automatic add icon
Disabling this option removes the problem for good! AndroidPIT

You can now customize your notch as you wish!

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