Android can be installed on any Mac or PC, and it’s free

Android can be installed on any Mac or PC, and it's free

Image 1: Android can be installed on any Mac or PC, and it's free

Those who wish to find their Android apps on their computer probably know the emulator BlueStack. But there is an alternative: Remix OS allows to install Android on the disc or to boot in USB, without emulation and without requiring a large PC to function.

It’s the Next january 12 that Remix OS will be offered as a free download. This operating system proposes to run Android applications on any x86 PC or Mac (Intel). The system can therefore give a second life to an old computer, as long as it uses very little system resources and allows launching applications and games from Google Play. Regarding its execution on PC, it is possible to create a USB key and start on it, or partition your hard drive in order to permanently install the OS on his computer. If you want to use Remix OS on a USB key or disk, remember that it will have to support the USB 3.0 standard, offer at least 8 GB of storage space and that you will have to format it in FAT32. Finally, your PC must be bootable on a USB device, which is not the case for very old computers.

Remix OS is actually based on Android-x86, a project launched in 2009. Its developers have continued to develop it since that date: if the operating system is now based on Android Lollipop, an update to Marshmallow is of course planned. Finally, note that Jide, the editor of Remix OS, also markets a small all-in-one device dedicated to Remix OS. This is a very small PC called Remix Mini, which had raised more than $ 1.6 million on KickStarter, and which is only worth 70 dollars.