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Android Auto4.6.593337

To be used on mobile or directly on the integrated screen of more than 400 vehicles, Android Auto is an assistant allowing you to stay focused on the road. Thanks to the voice, the user can easily make calls, define a route on the GPS, listen to music or consult his calendar. Despite some slowness on Google Maps, Android Auto is to be tested to take advantage of the services and the Google Voice Assistant in your vehicle!

Available in Android 5.0 and later, Android Auto is a smart traveling companion that allows you to access many Google services from your Android device or directly from your vehicle’s dashboard.

It allows you to perform many actions only thanks to the voice allowing you to keep your concentration on the road, to avoid distractions and to be able to remain reactive.

How to use Android Auto?

The application offers a simplified interface with large icons and suitable for driving and can also be used directly from an Android device or on the integrated screen of your vehicle. To do this, simply connect the Android device via USB to the dashboard and launch the application to display the various Google services on the screen. The list of compatible vehicles can be viewed on this page.

Simplified driving

All of the functionality can be controlled by voice using the Google Assistant. It is thus possible to use the “OK Google” command to make a call, send a voice dictation SMS and consult your contacts. Android Auto also stands out thanks to voice commands on Google Maps GPS and Waze – Social GPS Maps & Traffic. Navigation with Android Auto allows you to define a route with stages and learn more about traffic conditions and possible dangers on the road. Various information relating to the route is also available such as traffic alerts, work and the estimated time of arrival.

Many other services accessible by voice

Android Auto also allows you to listen to your music from your library, Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer and listen to the radio on TuneIn.

The user can use many commands to know the weather or the results of his favorite sports team. In addition to calls and messages made via the phone, Android Auto is compatible with many messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram.

The catalog of compatible applications grows and grows over the updates, this page allows you to consult the applications compatible with Android Auto.