Android Auto will soon be able to start automatically, without the help of the phone

Android Auto could soon automatically connect to your smartphone, without having to unlock it. This is in all that the bloggers of the site XDA Developers suggest, after having delved into the APK of the OS.

android auto
Credits: Google

As you may know, Android Auto is a version of the popular Google operating system designed to integrate into automotive dashboards. In other words, it is the solution put in place by the Mountain View firm to connect your Android smartphone to your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Via the Android Auto companion application, the user can simply control their favorite mobile applications from the on-board computer: make calls easily with the Google Assistant, launch your favorite playlist via Napster, Deezer, Spotify or other, obtain an itinerary via Google Maps, all without taking your eyes off the road.

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Automatic connection without going through the unlock box

However, to be able to take advantage of Android Auto’s services, it is imperative to connect your smartphone to your car’s on-board computer, either via a USB wired connection or via a wireless connection. According to bloggers on the XDA Developers site, Google is preparing to make the process easier, by allowing Android Auto to automatically connect to your smartphone, without having to unlock your device.

Indeed, bloggers have got their hands on several interesting lines of code in the API of Android Auto 5.9:

Currently, the Android Auto app launches automatically if you connect your corded phone and unlock it. However, it turns out that some on-board computers have difficulty launching Android Auto automatically when the smartphone is still locked. This new setting could help to avoid these connection errors.

It is not yet clear whether this feature is intended for wired connections, wireless connections, or both. It will be necessary to wait for Google to deploy it to be clear about it. As a reminder, all smartphones running Android 11 can connect wirelessly to Android Auto since summer 2020.

It should also be noted that only smartphones running Android 11 can take advantage of the wireless connection to Android Auto. This should be temporary, however, as an accessory comparable to a USB dongle could solve the problem. Its launch is scheduled for 2021.