Android apps not compatible: what to do?

Android apps not compatible: what to do?

If you are reading this article, it is most likely because you have read on the Google Play Store the following message: "This application is not compatible with any of your devices". An Android application not compatible with your smartphone can be for several reasons. Here are the explanations and above all, a trick to install it despite everything.

App not compatible on the Google Play Store: why?

Sometimes the Android version that your device uses is just too old: only the higher versions would be compatible. If your smartphone does not use the most recent Android version, start updating your device. For that, go to settings > the phone > Software update or Settings> System Update System under Android Pie.

The compatibility of each application is not indicated on the Android application of the Play Store. If your device is a few years old, or if it is not day, it is possible that you are still under an old version, or very old (Android KitKat, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo …) for example in which case many current applications will not be compatible with your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix in this case except to find an older APK of the application that is compatible.

androidpit ava play store
Sometimes applications do not seem to be compatible. AndroidPIT

It sometimes happens that the developer also limits the compatibility of certain applications to avoid the disadvantages on some devices (slowdown, crashes) or simply because of exclusivity contracts (this is the case for example for some applications of the channels which can not be downloaded abroad). Others limit the screen size and reserve their games to tablets. Hearthstone, for example, initially only works on devices that are at least six inches long, as the interface is not suited to smaller notches.

On the web version of the Google Play Store, you can see which is the minimum Android version required to install an application. This is indicated in the section Additional information. If the information is not there, you can check on a third party site like AppBrain.

application not compatible android
If your smartphone does not have the minimum version required, then you will not be able to install the app. AndroidPIT

If you have multiple devices, you can also check which ones are compatible directly from the application page.

application not compatible android 2
Some applications are localized: you can not install them outside the countries chosen by the developer. AndroidPIT

How to install an incompatible Android application

There is good news and bad news: installing an incompatible application on your smartphone is very simple, but it does not work every time. If the limitation is hardware-related (because of the screen size, for example), the installation may hang.

If the limitation is geographical, you have several solutoins. The simplest is to use a VPN if you have one: if your application is available only in the United States, for example, indicate your VPN that you are in the US and the turn is played.

Another solution is to download the APK from the app via a particular site: APK Mirror, and copy the URL (the web address) from the application page of the Google Play Store. The trick on smartphone is to retrieve the URL by selecting the button Share on the Play Store and open Gmail. To sum up:

Finally, it should be specified that if you arrive to install a non-compatible Android application you can still encounter errors.

Do you often have problems with non-compatible apps on the Play Store?

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