Android allows authentication in Google’s iOS apps

Image 1 : Android permet de s'authentifier dans les apps iOS de Google

Image 1: Android allows authentication in Google's iOS apps

Barely a month after deploying this feature on Windows, Google announces that it is now possible to connect to your Google accounts on iPhone or iPad using your Android smartphone. This will act as the hardware authentication key. Indeed, according to Google, physical thumb drives are the best protection against phishing and other security threats.

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To be able to use this new verification method, you will need first install the Google Smart Lock app on your iOS device. You will then need to activate 2-step verification. To authenticate yourself on Google services from your iPhone with an Android (under Android 7 minimum), you just need to press the volume button on your smartphone.

Most users only walk around with a smartphone, it is very likely that this feature will only be useful for using Google services on an iPad … if you have an Android. This new system works thanks to Bluetooth. It is now available on MacOS, Windows 10, Android, iOS and Chrome OS.