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Android: a tip to improve the autonomy of your smartphone

Do not run after the power outlets!

Smartphones are at the heart of our lives. Whether it’s to stay connected with your friends, to watch the latest popular series or to pay your bills, it has become difficult to do without it. So what could be worse than finding yourself out of battery or having to take your external battery everywhere? Fortunately, the Kaspersky Battery Life: Battery Saver app will help you extend your battery life.

max smartphone autonomy

Once the app is installed, you will need to authorize it to retrieve system information such as the list of applications launched on your smartphone. To do this, select Kaspersky Battery Life from the list that appears, then activate the collection.

kaspersky battery life battery life telephone

Then accept the general conditions of use to arrive at the main screen. At launch, the software retrieves the information. This operation may require around thirty seconds. The app will display the banner below at the bottom of the screen.

mobile applications battery life

When finished, the software will display the number of running applications on the button. By pressing it, you will close all applications. However, you may want to keep some running apps like those that send you important notifications (email, Whatsapp, etc.). After unchecking the boxes for these apps, press the button to finish.

autonomy applications list

You will then be able to see the remaining duration of your autonomy.

battery life time

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