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Android 12 will put unused apps into hibernation to free up storage space

Android 12 will automatically put apps that have not been used for a long time into hibernation. This new feature, called “hibernation”, aims to free up storage space on users’ smartphones.

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While digging through the code of AOSP, the open source version of the Android operating system, our colleagues from XDA Developers discovered clues concerning one of the new features of Android 12, the update that succeeds Android 11. Google engineers in charge of Android development have recently made some changes to the code of the mobile OS, details the media.

One of the changes in the AOSP code mentions a new application hibernation system. “This system is able to manage the hibernation state of applications. This state is triggered when an application is not actively used ” details the source code. Concretely, Android 12 will automatically put an application in hibernation when not in use for a while. Unfortunately, the code does not specify in which specific cases the hibernation mode will be triggered.

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Android 12 will free up storage space on your smartphone

The AOSP code specifies, however, that this new functionality will allowoptimize the storage space available on smartphones running Android 12. By placing some rarely used applications in hibernation, Google seeks to reclaim the storage space allocated to each application.

XDA believes that Android 12 could compress some resources of hibernating applications in order to save space, including APK. It is unclear whether Android 12 will notify users when an app goes into hibernation or whether the process will be fully automated. The media specifies that this option is still under development. It’s not impossible that Google engineers ultimately prefer not to include the hibernation option in the next major update.

If Google sticks to its usual deployment schedule, the first developer beta of Android 12 will be offered from February 2021. Secondly, Google should launch the first public beta, accessible to all, in the month of May 2021 (probably following the Google i / O conference). Finally, the final version of Android 12 should land on compatible smartphones next September.

Source: XDA Developers