Android 12: Nearby Share will make wifi code sharing even easier

Google is working on a new feature for Nearby Share that will appear in Android soon. This allows you to easily send the wifi password of a Box to another user via the nearby sharing function present in all Android smartphones certified by Google. And, above all, this method is intended to be more secure. It remains to be seen whether it will be necessary to wait for Android 12 to take advantage of it.

android nearby share qr code wifi
Credit: Unsplash

You certainly know Nearby Share (or Sharing nearby in good French). You may be using this function without knowing the name of the function: it is a tool built into Android that allows share a file (photo, document, etc.) with a nearby device. When the first leaks mentioned Nearby Share, the connection with Apple’s AirDrop was obvious. Indeed, Apple has integrated a function in iOS and macOS that allows you to do exactly the same thing: share a file or information with a nearby iPhone or Mac. The advantage of Nearby Share is that it is compatible with computers other than Macs.

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Nearby Share was tested by Google in June 2020. The firm did not wait for the publication ofAndroid 11 for that: a simple update ofAndroid 10 was enough. Since then, it is possible to quickly transfer photos, videos or links. And soon, Nearby Share will also be able to transfer passwords for wifi networks.

A change was indeed made recently to the AOSP version of Android. A Google engineer has indicated a future change that should make it easier to share a wifi password, while ensuring maximum security. It’s a small change: it’s about adding a Nearby Share button in the ” Settings », Where the details of your wifi network appear.

A Nearby Share button to share a QR Code

More precisely, by opening ” Settings »(Or Settings, depending on the overlay), you go to the menu Network, then Wireless. Tap the icon to the right of your wifi network name (it can be a wheel or an exclamation point). You arrive in a screen where the various characteristics of your network are gathered: SSID, frequency, security, etc. And, this is where you find the QR Code allowing you to share your connection.

The modification submitted by the engineer from Google would allowadd a Nearby Share button in this menu. With this button, you could send the QR Code to a contact who would automatically connect to the correct network with the correct password. It’s easy: no need to enter a tedious password or use Google Lens to scan a code.

There is no implementation date for this novelty in Android. It is not impossible that it will be deployed very soon on Android 10 and Android 11, as was the case with the original version of Nearby Share. However, Google could also choose to wait for the arrival ofAndroid 12 to deploy it.

Source: AOSP