Android 11: sending SMS no longer works, is Google Carrier Services fault?

Since the beginning of December, many Android users have complained that they can no longer send messages with their smartphone. The owners of OnePlus seem particularly affected since the switch to OxygenOS 11. Another coincidence: the problem appeared some time after the update of Google Carrier Services, which leads some to blame it.

android 11 beta 3

Your SMS has not been sent for a few days and you have not received some? If you are a Bouygues Telecom customer, you could have blamed this problem on the recent national mobile network failure. Except that this one has been solved, and the concern affects all operators as well as other parts of the world, such as the United States and India. In reality, many Android users are affected. For more than a week, they have complained en masse on the forums and on the Play Store.

Other messaging services also have operational issues. For some, the culprit is all found: it would be Google Carrier Services, which recently underwent an update. The appearance on December 2 of version 50 of the application seems to correlate with the first accounts of unfortunate users. Ultimate proof: several of them report that the issue has been resolved once it is uninstalled.

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OnePlus users particularly affected

Google seems to have some issues with its messaging app, as it already had another bug that erased all text messages earlier in the year. Strangely enough, it’s smartphone users OnePlus who would be most affected. “I use a OnePlus 8 with Airtel, here in India“, Can we read on a dedicated forum. “My incoming messages are delayed for 10 to 15 minutes and I cannot send an SMS without a delay. I placed my SIM card in my Huawei phone and had no problem ”.

Another user indicates that he can send and receive messages only by safe mode, which is of course only a fallback. Restarting your smartphone does not seem to solve the bug either: “I’m currently having trouble sending text messages with my OnePlus 8 Pro. Even when I restart it, the messages get stuck after only one hour ”. So let’s hope that Google quickly gets down to developing a corrective patch.