Android 10: installation blocked? That’s the solution

Image 1 : Android 10 : installation bloquée ? Voilà la solution

Google has just rolled out Android 10 on its own smartphones. Currently, only Pixels are served with the final version. If you have one, here’s how to install the update and fix any installation issues.

Image 1: Android 10: installation blocked?  That's the solution

The installation of Android 10 is quite simple to implement. However, you have to go get it manually. In any case, no pop-up appeared on our Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a to indicate the presence of an update.

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • At the bottom of the page, select the “System” section.
  • In the advanced preferences, go to “System update”

Android will then check if it is up to date. Version 10 is then proposed. She is quite large: 1.34 GB about. If the phone recommends downloading it via Wi-Fi, it is possible to force access via the telephone network. The update download is more or less slow, depending on your connection. Then you have to restart the phone to install it. And there we can have cold sweats.

A blocked installation

Some users got stuck at this stage. The Google logo crashes on the start page, but the installation does not finish. However, don’t panic. The situation clears up with a little (a lot) of patience.

According to experience, it is possible to stay at this stage for 30 minutes and up to six hours. According to feedback, this problem is not linked to the smartphone model. All Pixels, from the first generation to 3a, are affected.

The reboot to the rescue

If you encounter such a situation, you have several options. Besides waiting, it is also possible to retry the installation. To do this, you must force the phone to restart by pressing the Power and volume down buttons simultaneously. This will put the Pixel in recovery mode. From there, you must select the Restart now option. If this operation does not work, press the Power button repeatedly. The system should restart in Android 9.

If installation problems have been reported, we have not experienced them. Android 10 was quickly installed on our Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a without any problems.