MacBook - iPhone Trackpad

And if a future MacBook used the iPhone as a Trackpad

A new Apple patent gives us a glimpse of what the future of the MacBook range could be like with an integrated docking station for iPhone and iPad.

MacBook - iPhone Trackpad

In the future, iOS devices may well be an integral part of the MacBook. This could indeed have a dock, instead of the Trackpad, to house the iPhone. Once inside, the iPhone could provide advanced macOS functionality.

The iPhone could be used as an advanced trackpad, not only to control the cursor on the MacBook screen, but also for special Touch Bar-style functions.

MacBook - iPad

Apple didn’t stop there, since its idea is also to replace the MacBook screen with the iPad. Concretely, the project would be to transform the tablet into a laptop with a touchscreen. In itself, the idea is good but it already exists with different accessories. To go further, Apple should then offer macOS on the iPad so that the user experience is as close as possible to a real laptop.

According to comments made by Apple in the past, the arrival of macOS on the iPad is unfortunately not on the agenda.