ANALYSIS: Apple will become the first ‘one trillion dollar company’!


Posted: April 29 2012Updated: April 29, 2012

by TanguyH

Hi jailbreakers,

This year Apple has already broken some records, such as the sale of the iPhone 4S to finally become the largest company in the world. But the records don’t stop there.

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For the moment the enterprise value is $ 600,000,000,000, which comes to around $ 608 per Apple share. Which is impressive when you think thatnot long ago the shares were worth even less than $ 500. So we see a incredible growth, knowing that the iPhone 4S works miracles just like the whole range of iPad that sells without problems, this growth will not stop as soon.

Brian White, a business analyst Topeka Capital Markets would have targeted the fact that Apple would be the first company in the world to exceed the value of $ 1,000,000,000,000 during the year 2013. This will be due to the fact that the company will launch a new range of Mac’s, iOS and iPhone. This would also mean that shares will be worth about $ 1,111 per piece.

“Have you never wanted to go back in time to invest in Apple?”