An urban hunt with Ray-Ban

An urban hunt with Ray-Ban

Students from the Miami School of Advertising developed an iPhone application for Ray-Ban that uses geolocation and augmented reality.

What could be better than promoting a brand using a mobile application using augmented reality? It was in any case the original idea of ​​some students who imagined and developed an iPhone application which is in the form of a game where users will have to accumulate a maximum of gains.

Initially, the user will have to find a QR code hidden in a city that will allow him to gain access to the game and will give him a starting win of $ 50,000. Thereafter, the user will have to find other users in the city while using the application which will allow them to represent them thanks to geolocation and the increasing reality. When another user is picked up, all they have to do is point them through the camera used by the iPhone application to steal half of their prize pool.

The duration of the game is fixed one week, and the players pocket the end of the accumulated winnings.

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Ray-Ban Uncovered from Laszlo Szloboda on Vimeo.