iOS 8.3 available for download for iPhone and iPad before the Watch arrives

an update scheduled for this Wednesday

According to sources close to Apple in contact with the BGR site, the Cupertino company is about to update iOS 8. And after several investigations, it would be iOS 8.1.3, a version which will therefore be deployed to users, and not to developers as one might expect from the beta channel side.

Jailbreak-Pangu Visits to Apple's servers since iOS 8.1.3 have been on the rise since early December, which could be explained by the fact that employees of the brand are already taking advantage of this minor update.

As a reminder, iOS 8.1.2 released on December 9th only corrected a simple bug with the ringtones purchased on iTunes, without however filling the flaws exploited by Jailbreak tools.

iOS 8.1.3 could thus again offer a very light update, while integrating additional security measures aimed at blocking jailbreak devices.