an ultraportable future in which to insert a phablet?

an ultraportable future in which to insert a phablet?

While Microsoft prepares in Windows 10 a feature Windows Continuum which has to transform a smartphone into an additional mini-PC, the Samsung group takes the problem in the other direction and has just obtained validation by the USPTO of a patent describing a concept of Dual OS laptop.

The patent describes a portable PC in which can be inserted a phablet (the family Galaxy Note, for example), constituting a hybrid system. If the smartphone runs on Android, the assembly once assembled could run on Windows 10. In its description of the patent, Samsung leaves the door open to other operating systems and we can think that Tizen OS could be involved.

Samsung dual OS

Such a system would, for example, provide cellular connectivity to the laptop with a single SIM card and through the phablet mobile plan. We find the idea of ​​making the mobile the communicating heart of larger systems.

Such a hybrid system could be of interest to the business world in the current ebb phase of BlackBerry and while competitor Apple continues to score points with its initiative Mobile First in collaboration with IBM.

Samsung has already introduced Microsoft Office applications in its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones in an effort to appeal to professionals as well, and a Dual OS hybrid laptop could be the next step in its strategy. To be seen, however, if the patent will pass the concept stage.