An ultra-thin 15 "MacBook Pro show WWDC?

An ultra-thin 15 "MacBook Pro show WWDC?

Apple is about to produce the new generation of its MacBook Pro, which would be characterized by an ultra-thin design, a Retina display and USB3 connectors. Its marketing would start this summer.

Beyond the next generation of the iPhone, the renewal of the MacBook Pro range is also eagerly awaited. While rumors of the past few months point to a renewal that is expected to take place around this time of year, it would be expected more in the summer. At least, if we believe the recent information from the site 9to5mac which claims, trusted source, that Apple is actively involved. And that is an understatement, since still according to the same source, the prototyping phase of the new device would have come to an end. So that for now, the future computer – whose characteristics are likely to delight – would have entered a production test phase. A phase which consists in setting up and settling the last details which touch near the chains where the next Apple computer will be produced, in this case at Foxconn.

Ultra-slim design and abandonment of the optical disc drive.

What's new for this future MacBook Pro? What will jump out at first is its new design which will remind you of the MacBook Air. As you can see, the future MacBook Pro 15 ″ should have an ultra-thin “unibody” shell. A finesse that would have been obtained thanks to the abandonment of the optical drive which Apple would have understood that "the professional world" could now do without it … And for the nostalgic? No problem since, like the MacBook Air, Apple should always offer to order an optical drive as an accessory. The latter would therefore be destined to plug into a USB port of the MacBook Pro. It is clear that the need for an optical drive is less and less felt. All the more since the arrival of the Mac App Store which consists of downloading software directly from the online store and no longer being able to dispose of it via CD / DVD media.

The integration of a Retina notch.

What might appeal to the new MacBook Pro is the integration of a Retina display. Remember the arrival of the first Retina screen on the iPhone 4 in 2010. The first feelings about this new type of screen were very positive. For the first time, the human eye was no longer able to perceive the many pixels that make up the screen of a smartphone. A little earlier this year, Apple put the cover back using this technology in the third generation of its iPad and therefore in a significantly larger screen (9.7 ″ against 3.5 ″) and now displaying a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. If this type of screen allows you to have close pixels, what also makes it strong is its ability to deliver impressive color contrasts (we invite you to read our test of the new iPad this topic). Now imagine for a moment what the advantages of Retina technology would be on a 15 ″ screen. Even more so than according to the sources of 9to5mac, the user would have multiple resolution modes that would allow him to adapt the size of the resolution of the display and also its sharpness.

Integration of the third generation of the USB port.

Data transfer is planned to take place at high speed on the future MacBook Pro. Indeed, in addition to the Thunderbolt port, the source indicates that the future computer will be integrating several USB ports of the “third generation” type. Information that is not new in itself. Developers have recently discovered that the latest beta versions of OS X Mountain Lion reveal support for this type of component. Recall that the data transfer under USB 3.0 takes place around 5Gbps, which is almost 3 times greater than the old generation but however 2 times slower than the Thunderbolt port designed by Intel and which saw for the first time the day on… a Mac.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card?

Nothing filters on the future graphics card that could equip the new generation of MacBook Pro. References discovered in the beta version of OS X Mountain Lion, however, reported support for the GeForce GT 650M graphics card. While this graphics card is not yet marketed, it would offer incredible graphics performance for games and other office tasks, had explained the manufacturer NVIDIA and added “that the new graphics card would have been developed to restore performance without being “Too energy-consuming”.

Intel Ivy Bridge processor integration.

Launched last month, the Ivy Bridge processor designed by Intel has the distinction of being engraved in 22nm instead of 32nm. Intel offers four models, with 13 variants in Core i5 and i7. While the dual-core version of Ivy Bridge will go on sale next month, there is no doubt that the next iMac and also the MacBook Pro should be able to use it. Intel, in a short interview with the BBC, talks about a 20% improvement in performance and a further gain in autonomy. For its new MacBook Pro 15 ″, Apple could offer this new type of clock processor from 2.7 Ghz. However, the successor to Ivy Bridge has already been mentioned. The intention would be to offer a processor capable of keeping a laptop in semi-standby mode for 10 days and ensuring a full day of autonomy.

Announcement at WWDC on June 11?

While Apple is no longer in the habit of presenting a new product at WWDC, it could take advantage of this year's event to announce the arrival of its new MacBook Pro, equipped with OS Mountain Lion. It remains to be seen whether the new computer could be marketed directly after the event. Anyway, the latter should not be linked exclusively to the OS (iOS 6 beta 1 and OS X Mountain Lion). Its price is still unknown, but given the arrival of these new components, there is no doubt that Apple could revise the price of its MacBook Pro upward.

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